Terms & Conditions


Thank you for choosing XXXXX. We welcome you to the Terms and Conditions page. The following terms and conditions are required to be followed whenever you are surfing or using this website. The products and services which XXXXX provides you are subject to the following terms and conditions. The terms like “we”, “us”, “our” and “XXXXX” all refer to XXXXX. The services offered by the website include selling various categories of VIP numbers and any other product and service that may be added in future. If you are visiting our website, registering yourself on it and/or purchasing anything from it then you will be termed as a “User”. Anyone who is using this website has to follow the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. In order to use the services of XXXXX you need to have attained the age of majority. So by using our website you are affirming that you have attained the age of majority and you have given implied consent to the minor dependents using this website.


UPC Policy

UPC will be shared once the full payment for the ordered VIP number has been made. Customers/ Buyers have the option of cancelling the order if XXXXX fails to generate the UPC within 24 hours of successful payment and order placement. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled within 24 hours. If the UPC is sent by XXXXX but not received by the buyer then he or she can request for UPC but not cancel the order. Order can be cancelled if there is an issue with ordered VIP number.


Refund Policy

If XXXXX fails to deliver the UPC and fails the above mentioned conditions then refund can be applied. The entire accepted refunds request will be transferred to the buyers; valet with XXXXX. Customers can use the valet amount or withdraw it to their bank account via Paytm, Google Pay, UPI, bank transfer or any other compatible medium. Refund is processed within 48 working hours of request. Refund will be on hold till 5th day of UPC expiry.


Cancellation Policy

Customer can only apply for refund in case of any problem from our end after three valid UPC delivery tries. If the problem is at customer’s end refund will not be granted.


Complaints and Resolution

The TAT for complaint resolution is up to 5 working days. In case of any problem in MNP we will do our best to find the best possible solution and customer will have to wait for resolution. Upon reaching the resolution customer can try for MNP and it will be counted as one valid retry. The UPC will be delivered for new MNP in 48 hours. Once the delivery of UPC is done through email or text, and customer has not made any request for MNP or faces any issue with it then he has 20 days to report it to us, failing which no complaint will be registered.


XXXXX’s Rights and Responsibilities

XXXXXX holds the right to cancel any order at any time. We promise to provide services on the customer’s mobile number that can receive calls and messages. Seller’s or last owner’s documents will never be provided to the buyer or customer. “In process” order can never be cancelled by the customer. The customer has to follow TRAI guidelines and conditions. UPC is generally sent on the mobile number registered with us. We will provide only UPS and not SIM. Customer has to port the number from the nearest retailer or company outlet. The terms and conditions can be changed at any time without giving prior notice.